By Nomination Only

To put it simply; to become a Goodwill Ambassador from The Great State of Texas you have to be nominated by a Goodwill Ambassador, and they must pay your entry fee. Just as you will pay someone you nominate.

There is a reason for this. To keep the level of True Texans spreading kindness and Texas knowledge.

Not every Texan can become an Ambassador

Only the Texans that truly love Texas can become an Ambassador.

An Ambassadorship may never be applied for nor asked for. The only way to become an Ambassador is to have been nominated by an existing Goodwill Ambassador and voted by Texican majority by other Ambassadors.

What are some considerations for being nominated as a Goodwill Ambassador, but not limited to?

  1. Going out of one’s way to be Texas friendly.
  2. Sharing Texas knowledge and history to strangers whenever and wherever possible.
  3. Having a true “Texican” spirit.
  4. Buy anyone from Tennessee a cold adult beverage (and know why).